College news

19-22 қыркүйек күні аралығында Орал гуманитарлық техникалық колледжінің психологы Тюлегалиева А.Е 1-2 курс топ студенттер арасында «Баланы жәбірлеу (буллинг) және кибербуллинг туралы ақпараттық-түсіндіру жұмыстары жүргізілді.

On September 13, a class hour was organized in groups 1аРШО, 1бРШО on the topic: «The role of the family in education.» Group curator G.S. Shotova introduced students to the nature of relationships and communication between family members, types of family relationships.

On September 13, the curator of the groups 1aRSHO, 1bRSHO Shotova G.S. A class hour was held on the topic: «Manifestations of bullying and ways to prevent it». Students got acquainted with the concept and manifestations of bullying. They gave examples of the manifestation of bullying in the school environment, among adolescents. The presentation discussed ways to prevent bullying. The class hour is aimed at forming a caring attitude of students to bullying.

For the Day of Knowledge, groups 1аРШО, 1бРШО held a class on the topic: «College is the key to professional knowledge». At the beginning of the class hour, group curator Galia Saduakasovna conducted a familiarization training with the students.

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